Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh this girl...

I never thought that adopting an older child would bring so much happiness to our lives. This little girl has proven us WRONG!! AND WE ARE THRILLED...

This little girl reminds me so much of our son she is funny, outgoing, smart as a whip, ect... I think my days to come will be filled with laughter between these two. We miss her so much and can't wait for her to be home FOREVER.

She accidently blew bubbles in the eyes of the little guy in the picture so then she decided dad should blow the bubbles and she will pop them before any of the other kids could. A little competitive...she will fit right in.

She insisted she must show me she knows how to color and write her name and take pictures and play games with the other children. OH AND BRAID HAIR!! I got a new hair do everytime I visited her. The tender headed girls in this family better prepare themselves....she did after all braid the dolls hair so much all the hair fell out.

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