Thursday, October 21, 2010

Help Bring Eyerus Home

Imagine for a minute that you are 7yrs old and your mother has died from a sickness no one should ever have to deal with. You are so scared because you know that not only did your mother have this disease but you and your father. You are dealing with a great loss, the loss of your mother when your father who is too sick to care for you decides to take you to an orphanage so you can get the help you need. Because you are considered an older child and you have HIV no one looks at you as adoptable. How would you cope? Would you want a couple who loves you to just say they didn't have the money for a third child? Or would you want them to do anything possible to bring you home?

About a month ago we was looking at some pictures a friend had and fell in love with a little girl. This little girl is Eyerus, she is 7 years old and at this time she lives in Africa. Eyerus is a beautiful little girl who has lost so much in the past year, and deserves to have two loving parents in her life. We are told that Eyerus is a sweet little girl who likes to be motherly to the other children in the orphanage. The only thing holding us back is the funds to bring her home and at this time its not that much. we need about 3000.00 to have the money to get this sweetheart home. So we are asking anyone and everyone PlEASE help us bring this darling child home to her family.